Green Corner

Photo of a green future. Wasted aluminum can take approximately 400 years to decompose but aluminum can be recycled endlessly for continuous use.  Bauxite is the ore that aluminum is mined from and for every pound of aluminum that is recycled four pounds of bauxite are saved.  The recycling process for aluminum also takes 95% less energy than the process of producing virgin aluminum, it also causes 95% less air pollution and 97% less water pollution than the producing process.  Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth and theoretically there is enough currently in circulation that if it was all recycled, it could be used continuously and we would not need to mine any more bauxite.  

BMI products are packaged in boxes made of 95% recycled material and are made from a process that recycles their production waste and also cleans and reuses the water from production.  This allows for the use of recycled raw materials to be used in production and saves over 14,000,000 million trees being cut down each year.  The BMI products themselves such as eavestrough, downpipe, hangers and outlets are all made with raw aluminum that is 98% recycled from both pre consumer and post consumer processes.