Amvic Silver Board

Before installing new siding on your house consider added Amvic Insulation Board

Amvic will add insulation value, save money on heating and cooling bill. 

Amvic is offered in: 

1.1" with an R5 value 

1 5/8" with an R7.5 value 

2 1/4" with an R10 value 

What is an R Value: 

An R Value measures the resistance of Heat Flow through a given thickness of material. 

Why is the R Value Important: 

The larger the number the harder the insulation is working at preventing heat conduction. A lower heat loss equals lower energy bills. 

Amvic is: 

Light weight and easy to handle 

Long terms stable R Value 

Provides level rigid surface for finishings 

Recycable and contains no CFCs or HCFCs 

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