Ask John #1: Repairing Damaged Vinyl Corner Post

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My kids were playing in the front yard and somehow a chunk of ice hit the corner post of my vinyl siding. There is a large hole in it and now that the weather is getting nicer I would like to repair or replace it.  What is my best option and how do I go about it?




Corner post damage is a fairly common thing especially in colder climates where the vinyl can get brittle.  The solution is actually simple and not very time consuming.  Repairing the corner is far easier than replacing it since the siding covers the nailing strips of the post.  To take off the post and replace it all the siding would have to come off. Below is how to repair the corner.

You will need to buy a new corner post and the first thing to do is the nail strips need to be cut off the edges of the posts in the spots where the arrows indicate.

When the strips are cut, the remaining face of the post simply snaps over the face of the damaged post.  To hold the repair corner in place a screw or rivet can be put in to one or more corners.

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