Ask John #18: Using Pressure Treated Lumber with Aluminum

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Hi John, I am installing Aluminum Fascia and have 2 questions, first of all I made the mistake of using Pressure Treated for my fascia boards,  I now plan on covering the pressure treated with blue skin in order to keep the Aluminum Fascia from contacting the Wood, would that work?.  #2 What is proper way to install Fascia, online I found a video that showed screwing Fascia from underside, but not sure if that is the way to go and screws or nails?



It is unfortunate that the chemicals used today in pressure treat are highly corrosive when in contact with aluminum. Your idea with blue skin is viable. I don't know the brands but there are other types of wraps that offer the same protection for this particular purpose, as many 4x4 and 6x6 posts are pressure treated and typically get cladded in aluminum.

The best way to install fascia is with the use of a gable trim where the top edge slides into the channel and the bottom is screwed or riveted in the soffit. This is done on gable ends. On the eaves where an eavestrough will be installed on top of the fascia, 3 nails will suffice in the face. 1 in the middle and 1 from each end , 6" back from the joint. Place the nails in a height covered by the trough. These nails can be aluminum or stainless steel. Under any application, do not put a fastener through the seam of the fascia, as this will prevent the fascia from moving, as it expands and contracts in heat and cold.

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