Ask John #2: Cleaning Eavestrough

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I recently purchased a house with white coloured eavestrough and noticed it has dark lines or stripes across the face. How do I clean this off without harming the paint finish on the aluminum?

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This is commonly referred to as tiger striping.

This is caused by chemicals in rainfall and dirt and soot sitting on top of the lip of the gutter, which is picked up by rain and streaks down the face.  

If the staining on the trough is light using a common household detergent should remove them.  If the stains have been there for some time and are caked on, using a heavy duty cleaner such as Fantastik or Greased Lightning should do the trick.  

Be sure to use a rag or a soft bristle brush.  If the bristles are too hard or you scrub to vigorously the finish on the paint could be ruined.

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