BMI Golf Extravaganza 2016

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BMI had their annual staff golf event this past Saturday at the Western Trent Golf Club in Bolsover and what a beautiful day it was! The Western Trent facility, staff and weather were all lovely.

We had the highest number of staff come out and they made the day a great one. As 'not-really-a-golfer' the day was a great chance to try something fun and enjoy getting to know more coworkers in a relaxed setting.

The event included a shotgun start, a relay at one of the holes as well as a putting range which was as frustrating as it was fun. There was also a Hole-In-One chance to win a Ford Escape thanks to Ridgewood Ford in Minden Ontario. What an opportunity!

Lots of raffle tickets were purchased and the range and number of raffle items at the end of the day showed us what a shopper Scott really is!

As well as having a great day, and finishing with an awesome steak meal (I could have married that dessert!) a generous amount was raised for the Mully Children's Family; a charity that is near and dear to John and Vikki as well as many others.

Thank you to everyone for coming, for participating and making the day really quite exceptional.

Thank you to John for putting on such an event and the lovely takeaway gift, as well as Scott and the crew involved in organising behind the scenes to make the day run quite smoothly.

Enjoy the photos in the gallery - and if anyone has photos of the relay, the putting or any other pictures you think should be in the gallery, forward them to for inclusion if suitable.

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