Buchner Manufacturing: A history of giving

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Buchner Manufacturing Inc, as a corporate sponsor of the Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation ("the Foundation"), was highlighted in the Foundation's Corporate Newsletter in May this year.

Regarding Buchner Manufacturing, the Newsletter stated:


As corporate donors since 1987, the team at Buchner Manufacturing Incorporated have seen the incredible transformation of their local hospital
and have played a big role in making Southlake the regional centre of excellence that it is today.

As a family-owned business, many of the Buchner Manufacturing family members and employees have been Southlake patients at one time or
another. “We are grateful for the level of care provided when we needed it, and we want to support Southlake to help maintain this level of care,”
says John Buchner, General Manager.

Buchner sees the benefits that come from caring about employees’ well-being. With over 35% of employees having been with the company for
more than 10 years, it’s clear that employees feel that their needs are being met. “We care about our employees – both inside and outside of work
hours,” Buchner explains. “As a result, they feel part of a team.”

Buchner Manufacturing

At Buchner Manufacturing we are happy to have assisted the Foundation in making a difference in our community.

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