Buchner Manufacturing Embossed Aluminum

There are plenty of advantages to using and embossed product when renovating the exterior of your house, garage, shed or rental property. It is great for longer runs of soffit due to its stiffness as, meaning that if you have a 12’ covered deck and would like to look into a non-vented embossed soffit, it would result in cleaner lines, less cutting, and a superior finished look. Another advantage of embossment is whichever way you plan to use it, the embossment helps to hide any imperfections ( i.e. Dents, scratches etc.), to once again leave you with a clean finished look.

D5 Embossed Soffit

Double 5 Embossed soffit (D5 EM): Our 10" wide panel is made of .018 gauge with an embossed finish. Embossed finish enhances resistance to scratching and dents. Available in custom lengths from 8 ft up to 16 ft and a range of over 36 colours. It is the preferred panel on commercial applications and public use facilities.

24” Embossed Trim Coil/ 2 Side Painted

2 Side Painted Embossed Trim Coil 24" X 98’ (30m) available in 22 colours Used for flashings, trims, capping or any difficult to maintain area on the homes exterior.

Aluminum Siding - V-190 (EM) Vertical

V-190 Embossed vertical aluminum siding. Each panel is 7.5" wide; length is 3 meters. Available in 36 colours

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