Deck Railings - Is One Better Than The Others?

Railings around your home say a lot about your personality and preferences. Railings can improve the aesthetics of a porch, deck or patio and they also add protection by enclosing or walling-in an area. Railings often helps create or define an outdoor living space in your home. They often encompass the party area or a dining area when weather permits.

Railings differentiate your house from others in the neighborhood and can make your home distinct and unique.

Not to mention the lovely decorating, which can be done on deck railings no matter the season, with garlands, greenery, hanging flowers, lights and other trinkets to complete the desired look for any occasion.

Railings come in a variety of metals, woods, vinyl and glass options we will explore below.


Metal is strong and generally low-maintenance so it makes sense that metal is one of the most long-standing deck materials used in homes. Metal railings can be traced back to medieval times, where they were popular amongst the rich and famous. Metal railings can provide a Victorian, Spanish or Mediterranean finish to homes.

There is a huge variety available including wrought iron, brass, stainless steel or aluminum. Aluminum is best known for its lightness, durability and good price while stainless steel is probably the easiest to maintain. Wrought iron is reliable while brass is the choice of the meticulous, albeit hard to maintain.


Wood can help you to achieve a rustic look. Although it can be costly, the effect it brings is often priceless and worth the investment. There are a variety of species that can be painted or stained to a homeowners’ liking. Wood is higher maintenance as the home owner must be vigilant about rot, insects and mold but with proper care and maintenance, wood can last for decades.

Wooden Railings come in DIY sets or can be made by hand. One consideration is blending the wooden railing to the flooring as you want them to look good together.


Vinyl railings are low maintenance. The interlaced patterns can provide a privacy for those who prefer just that. Vinyl remains fresh-looking with minimal fuss.

The other type of plastic deck railing that is available is composite which is even more durable than vinyl. These railings can be washed with soap and water and the finish can look just like wood, if you so desire.

Glass Railings

Beach or waterfront properties often have glass deck railings because homeowners have paid a premium for their view. These railings let light through and can save on energy costs during the day. This type of railing gives a modern flare and can be installed in separate thin panels to enjoy the breeze.

Final Thoughts

No matter what railings you choose or where you put it, in the end, your railings should protect, accentuate and add value to your home. So it is crucial to consider what will achieve or complete the look you are striving for in your home.

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