DID YOU KNOW…? Pefferlaw Edition

Did you know? That at Buchner Manufacturing Inc. Pefferlaw, we have 4 punch presses that produce all of BMI’s punched products.  We also have 3 SMA machines producing pipes and elbows in 3 different sizes and in a vast array of our 40+ available colours.  We have a D5 Soffit machine, producing D5 soffit in solid and vented profiles and again in over 40+ available colours, with available embossing and in custom lengths.

We have an in house tool and die shop as well as a maintenance and mechanic team, ensuring that our 24 hour a day manufacturing runs efficiently and smoothly.

BMI Pefferlaw has over 40 proud, hardworking employees working 24 hours a day in 3 shifts to produce and ship the highest quality BMI products such as downpipes and elbows, all of our high quality assortment of 5”, 6” and 7” hangers, step flashing, end caps, pipe straps, strip mitres, and outlets.

“From our production floor to your door” manufacturing.  We strive to meet production targets and fill orders on schedule whether they are domestic or international orders.  We have the versatility to produce many products at once and meet the demand for our customers’ orders sometimes even the same day. 

In many ways our humble plant in Pefferlaw is the “small, but mighty,” manufacturing arm of BMI.

As well as a production facility we have a storefront.  All of our customers are welcome and encouraged to browse our showroom and engage our staff with any questions they may have about all the products that we offer.

We deliver everyday Monday through Friday all across Ontario, to Windsor, North Bay, Ottawa, and everywhere in between.  Our shipping team is excellent at picking, sorting, and ensuring that all of our trucks are loaded nightly, allowing for quick and accurate deliveries by our team of customer oriented drivers the following day.


Need a 24” trim coil? Have a job that needs a specific length of 5”or 6”Gutter coil? Steel or Aluminum? Just need some fasteners and some sealants? Quad 4 soffit vented or plain? 6” or 8” Fascia? 3/8” J-Trim? We offer all of these things and more. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor we have the products you need to meet your roofing and cladding needs. 

We also have a 5” and 6” trough machine in Pefferlaw where we can run trough on a walk in basis, in manageable lengths that you can take with you in the colour you need.

Every challenge presented to us at BMI Pefferlaw, gets the most consideration possible in trying to solve the challenge and find a working solution, always keeping the customer’s needs at the foremost of our considerations.

Our day team of shipper’s is there to ensure your walk in orders are picked accurately and to help with loading your order if you are shorthanded.

We have a trough delivery truck which can come to your jobsite and run 5” and 6” steel or aluminum trough at all the necessary custom lengths needed to complete your job.

Our order desk and front counter team are here to make sure your orders a processed quickly and accurately.  From a single piece of fascia to an entire roofing and exterior cladding order.

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