It is Contest Time - Final Clue

Clue # 4 - I am made from .017 gauge coil, which is the same gauge as my close cousin.

Clue # 3 - I come in 2 different Styles 

Clue # 2 - I am a new addition to the BMI line up and was introduced in 2017 although some of you may have heard of me before 2017. 

Clue # 1 - I am available in 12 BMI Colours 

All correct answer submitted by 9 am (EDT) Thursday December 21st 2017, via Comments on the BMI Blog or sent via Messager on BMI's Facebook page will be entered in a draw to win this BMI Prize Pack.

Winner will be annouced Thursday December 21st 2017. 


LISA PHOENIX | Nov-27-2017 1:01 pm


Tyler | Nov-27-2017 2:02 pm

Quad 4 Hvy Soffit?

ASHLEY BUCHNER | Nov-28-2017 9:09 pm

Good guesses everyone, the correct answer will not be revealed until December 21st. Keep the guesses coming.

Mike Moldown | Nov-30-2017 7:07 am

T3 Soffit Vented and Non-vented
Quad 4 HVY Soffit vented and non-vented

LISA PHOENIX | Dec-04-2017 2:02 pm

Quad4 hvy

mike moldown | Dec-04-2017 4:04 pm

Vic West

JAMES HARRIS | Dec-05-2017 9:09 am

Quad 4 Heavy Soffit

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