Now Available at Buchner’s ........... Optimum Roof Vents

4 Wing attic ventilators for sloped roofs

•Easy to install, screws are included

•Slope range of 2/12 to 18/12

•Storm proof deflector

•Quiet and maintenance-free

•Available in black, brown (additional colours available as special orders)

   In summer, using an Optimum ventilator allows heat elimination from the attic. If this heat is not eliminated it can radiate inside and warm up the house. It can also create seepage problems, warp coatings or curl asphalt shingles. Your air conditioner must work continuously to cool down living areas. In wintertime, interior house air is warmer and contains more vapor pressure, in opposition to the dry and cold attic air. Vapor will have a tendency to migrate to the attic and condensate on cold building structure pieces. This condensation can humidify and this humidity leads to ice formation on the roof, mildew and rot of the structure.

Optimum products are maintenance free and ultra-resistant. The protection screen blocks birds and rodents from entering your attic. An optimum roof attic ventilator changes the air continuously with the wind by producing a chimney effect. The anti-gust deflector design prevents infiltration no matter the wind direction. An A412 Ventilator allows for a cooler attic in summer and dryer in winter, extending structural integrity, adding superior interior comfort, also creating energy savings. 


Rick | Oct-25-2017 2:02 pm

Are these vents CSA approved? can’t find that anywhere on the internet. Other than made in China.

Johnny Buchner | Oct-25-2017 3:03 pm

Rick, the vents are made in Quebec and they are CSA approved

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