Rain Barrels - A Real Win, Win, Win Situation

Why spend money drawing water from your system, when you can use the rain water from your roof for free?

Not only do you save money, you also help the environment. During our massive rainstorms, you can divert some water from your plants that are already drowning to be used during a hot summer spell when they need the rain.

By adding a rain barrel to your rain water diversion system, with its generous 75 gallon capacity that conveniently fills from your downpipe, you will literally save some of your rain for a sunny day!

The Rain Barrel comes equipped with an overflow tube, nylon hose with thumb valve and a removable debris screen for easy cleanup.

Available in green and brown.


Kathy | Aug-11-2017 1:01 pm

Hello, how much do your rain barrels cost please?

Also, is there a spigot at the bottom of the barrel? Is it plastic or brass?
Would there be other images you could send?

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