Riddle me this: what do Buchners and HGTV have in common? - Winner!.. well, hmm.. kind of..

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OK.. confession time.. I think I have let the cat out of the bag.. unintentionally of course! I was contacted by the people behind 'The Bunker' guess and when they told me their guess was 'Scott's House Call' and that it was a new show for Scott McGillivray - I confirmed they were right and that was that.. But, then there was this nagging feeling.. and when I looked up Scott's House Call, it is going to air on Facebook, not on HGTV. I thought maybe it was the same show, but that for some reason it was being launched via Facebook instead of HGTV.

I have now received confirmation that the new show will be airing on HGTV in 2018.

A quick summary of the show is described in this Country Living article:http://www.countryliving.com/life/entertainment/news/a42524/scott-mcgillivray-new-television-show/

And how is Buchner Manufacturing connected to this new show? We were approached to provide vinyl window casements for one of the episodes - which we were very happy to do.

So - mea culpa.. I'm very sorry that I jumped at the wrong show and gave the game away (but I'm very happy not to have to come up with any more clues!)

Thanks to everyone who participated - and 'The Bunker' I will be coming round with a treat shortly..

I will let everyone know when the episode is set to air so you can tune in and check out the lovely vinyl window casements grin


Hint #7 - Country Living had an article on the new                      the article appeared in Spring 2017.. the new                           is described as 'Shark Tank meets HGTV'. Come on people - anyone.. Bueller, Bueller?  grin

Hint #6 - No official premiere date yet.., hoping it will air by the end of the year... guesses anyone, anyone?

Hint #5 - OK everyone.. you have to guess soon, thinking up new hints is a lot of work.. speaking of work.. have any of you APPLIED for the NEW......... on HGTV? Tyler Ann was on the right track.. but we're not looking for Scott McGillivray, we're looking for something new..

Hint #4 - How this guy is finding time for something new is beyond me.. between the surfing, gardening, dancing and everything else.. guesses anyone?

Hint #3 - It's new.. and believe me, it's gonna make you flip!

Hint # 2 - Buchners and ________- both have roots in York Region, any guesses?

Hint # 1 - Riddle me this: what do Buchners and HGTV have in common?

I'm going to give you some hints over the next few months.. so give it some thought and drop us a reply if you think you know what the answer might be!


Tyler Ann | Sep-28-2017 1:01 pm

Scott McGillivray

MJ | Sep-29-2017 10:10 am

You’re heading in the right direction Tyler Ann, so let’s keep those guesses coming!

Paul Andrews | Sep-29-2017 11:11 am

Mike Holmes

MJ | Oct-02-2017 11:11 am

Getting colder Paul Andrews.. but thanks for trying!

Scott | Oct-03-2017 3:03 pm

The Property Brothers .    Jonathon and Drew Scott

MJ | Oct-10-2017 5:05 pm

Scott - I’m so proud of you for trying out the social media stuff!

But it’s getting REALLY cold out here..

The Bunker | Nov-03-2017 8:08 am

Scotts House Call

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