Snow Guards

It’s getting closer to that time of year again, where the snow starts to fall. In this climate we can experience pretty heavy snow falls, so the thought about snow guards on your roof will eventually cross your mind.

Then you’ll ask yourself: “what type of snow guards are out there for me and my roof?” Well, Buchner Manufacturing (BMI) offers a wide range of snow guards to suit any style of roofing, aluminum/steel shingles, standing seam roofing, or even for corrugated roofing panels. As listed below:

The RT Mini snow guards can be used on any style of roofing that BMI offers.

The Resisto Snow Shoe is versatile style of snow guard and like the RT mini it can be used on any style of roofing that BMI offers.

The Snow Guard are recommended for corrugated roofing because it allows the snow to melt slowly and drain through the gap underneath and then into the eavestrough. Offered in a range of colours and sizes to meet your needs.

The Snow Brake this is designed specifically to be installed with the Buchner Shingle. Offered in a range of colours.

The Snow Guard #1753  matches well with the Edco Arrowline product line in terms of colour but this product can also be used on any style of roof that BMI offers.

When snow isn’t properly broken up on the roof, damages to the home can occur. These damages include, but aren’t limited to bodily harm, damages to the homes exterior or interior, or even vehicle damages. As you can see in the diagram below of what can potentially happen. So call or come in to a branch closest to you and any of our staff will be able to assist with your selection of snow guards

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