Trucks, Trucks, Trucks ........ Pefferlaw Edition

Buchner Manufacturing Inc. Delivers to our customers Monday through Friday, using our versatile fleet of vehicles.   All of our fleet trucks are GPS monitored.

Our delivery fleet includes a curtain side truck and a truck mounted Moffett forklift, for long steel roofing orders, shingle orders and other deliveries where a regular straight truck is not the solution, or when a unique delivery site is presented.

We have 4 dedicated professional drivers, whom are knowledgeable in our products and offer excellent customer service.

Our service area includes all of Southern Ontario. Windsor, North Bay, Ottawa, and everywhere in between.

We have a Trough Delivery Truck – where our truck and driver will come to your job site and run the trough for you on site, to the lengths you need.  Make an appointment to have your gutters run for you at your job site in either 5” or 6” K-style, aluminum or steel.  When making your appointment you can arrange to have some of the accessories you need delivered at the same time.  

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