Unique Interior Uses of BMI Products

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You can easily give a unique look to your home by adding exterior building products to the interior. Tons of BMI exterior products can be utilized either in a visually appealing way or a productive way.


Soffit can be used as a ceiling as a great accent piece to a room. BMI soffit is available in many varieties of profiles, colours & texture. It’s even easier to maintain and will stay looking like new. Click here to see the varieties of non-vented soffit BMI manufactures. 

Embossed Trim Coil:

Embossed trim coil is usually used outside for door and window capping but it can be and is used for the same thing, but for inside. When used inside the home, it gives a pop of texture for the look of a unique design. This product is available in 21 different colours and is scratch/dent resistant. Installing this embossed coil as a trim/capping around high traffic areas such as doorways and windows, means that it will withstand from potential damages. High traffic areas also means plenty of dirt and grime to clean up, and these 2 areas gain many of it, which can be a pain to get clean. Since the embossed coil is aluminum, it’s easy to maintain and again will keep looking like new. To find embossed coil on our website, click here.


Pieces of eavestrough are a great way to add storage for different items, such as books, tools, toys and other small items. We run off 5” and 6” eavestrough widths and they are available in over 38 different colours for aluminum, steel, and/or copper. You can store many items in there and cap it off at each end with an end cap that matches.

Another great way to use eavestrough inside is by planting a herb garden right in your kitchen. Hang it up on the wall with several herbs inside, and it saves a lot of space instead of having them in planters on the counter, which creates more mess and clutter that you never want in a kitchen. Click here to see the colours, size and material selection. 


If you use any of these ideas, don't hesitate to share them with us on our Facebook or Twitter, we would love to see what yours looks like!


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