UDL30’s advanced polymers combine to deliver a unique gray synthetic roofing underlayment that can be used under all types of primary roofing materials to replace #30 felt. Gray technology provides for a cooler working surface during installations and up to a 6 month UV exposure. Unlike smooth surfaced underlayments, UDL30 possesses a revolutionary patented slip resistant Sure-Foot® nodular walking surface technology that allows for easier steep slope walk-ability, even in wet conditions.

UDL30 is 20 times stronger than #30 felt, gone are the days of blow-offs and call backs! A 10 square roll weighs only 40 lbs! This super low weight combined with 48” width and 250 ft. run length means big savings in time and labor (over 30% faster to install than felt!). Fewer laps, cuts and roll handling means you can do more jobs in less time. Inventory fewer rolls and gain an edge in productivity and profits.

UDL30 is 100% synthetic, therefore totally unaffected by water, which means it is 100% inert to mold, lays flat, will not wrinkle and you can leave your roof uncovered without the need for tarps or immediate dry-in. Unlike felts, UDL30 does not dry out, leach oils in the heat, nor does it become stiff, difficult to roll or crack in the cold.


18-mil-thick synthetic roof underlayment membrane made of polyolefin.

Its UV protected, anti-skid surface allows a fast and safe installation in any condition. RESISTOR PLUS can even be installed during wintertime without losing any of its strength and flexibility.


RESISTOR is a roof underlayment and eave protection synthetic membrane. The surface of the membrane is composed of non-woven polyolefin, while the underface is reinforced with a woven polymer.

The surface of the membrane is embossed and antiskid. RESISTOR membrane is use on various slopes. It is used either for residential or commercial applications.


40-mil-thick, self-adhesive membrane composed of elastomeric bitumen and a trilaminated woven polyethylene.

This nonslip, flexible, self-sealing roof underlayment can be used for any type of roof covering, in outdoor temperatures ranging from -40 °F to 200 °F (-40 °C to 93 °C).


RESISTO LB1236 is a self-adhesive roofing underlayment composed of glass fleece reinforcement and SBS modified bitumen. RESISTO LB1236 is designed to be used under asphalt shingles. Install roof covering as soon as possible following the membrane installation. 


REDZONE AIR BARRIER & WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE is a self-adhesive membrane composed of elastomeric bitumen (40 mils) and a trilaminate woven polyethylene. It is an air/vapor barrier used as an air/vapor barrier for door and window frames, brick ashing, roof ashing and other construction details.

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Colours shown were designed to be as accurate as possible but due to the digital reproduction, they may differ slightly from the true product colour. We highly recommend making your final colour selection based off of a product sample piece. Colours are subject to change without notice.