5 Home Maintenance Tasks That You Need To Complete in the Spring

When the term "spring cleaning" is thrown around, it's usually paired with the home's exterior. It's time to think about these five tasks for the exterior of your home. 

Spring is quickly approaching, and it's about time to get that spring cleaning list tackled. Spring weather is unpredictable, so planning your spring cleaning/maintenance list ahead of time will help you stay organized and get the job done. Here’s what should be on your exterior task list:

  1. Cleaning your eavestrough
  2. Inspect your roof
  3. Inspect your siding
  4. Inspect outdoor structures, decks and fences.
  5. Inspect your windows

Cleaning your eavestrough

Over the fall and winter months, your eavestrough and downpipes can get clogged with leaves, sticks, asphalt shingle debris, animal nests, and more. You can help eliminate further clogging and overflowing during the spring and summer months by cleaning and inspecting your eavestrough and downpipes. 

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Inspect your roof

Checking the roof is one thing that's forgotten on the exterior of your home. Most of the time, roof problems go unnoticed until it's leaking. Underlying roofing problems can create more significant issues if not fixed in time. 

Inspect your roof in the spring by either calling an experienced contractor or looking at key problem areas. 

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Inspect your siding

Inspecting your siding is another way to help your home's energy efficiency and keep pests from causing damage. Siding acts as an exterior shield to your home and protects against the elements. If your home's exterior has holes or cracks, this could be inviting for some pests to create their home, causing havoc inside your walls or even in your attic. Problems with your exterior siding can impact your home's energy efficiency by allowing heat to escape in the winter and cool air to escape in the summer, boosting your monthly bills.

It's also a great idea to check your soffits as well. Your soffits are just as vulnerable as your siding is. If animals enter your soffit, they can build their nests over top of the soffit ventilation, limiting the airflow to and from your attic. 

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Inspect outdoor structures, decks and fences.

If you have any outdoor structures, decks and fences, it's a great idea to check them for wear and tear. There could be underlying decay, cracking, or moisture rotting that you might not notice on the surface. 

The underneath of your deck is exposed to weather elements all year round. Take a look under your deck and see whether the structure is secure or if you need to repair it. 

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You can tell if your fencing needs repair by looking at it. Is it leaning over or showing signs of rotting? Take the time to repair it before it could fall over and have the potential of hurting someone. Outdoor structures can also be a safety hazard with the potential of rotting floors, leaning walls, or a deteriorating roof. Carefully walkthrough, complete a list of what you've checked as safe and compile a list of areas you need to fix.

Inspect your windows

To inspect each window on the exterior of your home, check the caulking. Do you notice any cracking or missing areas? If so, you need to replace it. If not replaced, it could ruin the window seal and the integrity of your windows. 

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Checking the exterior of your home may not require a contractor, but depending on the extent of the repairs, it might be a good idea. Are you looking for a contractor? Give our closest retail location a call for contractor recommendations. It's best to do so now rather than later, as they can book for the season fast.