5 Things to Consider When Choosing Siding for Your Home

Your home’s appearance and curb appeal is the first thing people notice when they arrive, and your siding is a large portion of that. 

When it comes to choosing the right siding, many factors should play a part in your decision. 

  1. Budget
  2. Current Aesthetic of Your Home
  3. Durability
  4. Colour
  5. Maintenance


Before starting your journey, create a budget you can work within for this project. 

Siding pricing can vary based on style and materials used, so to stay within your budget, get an idea of what each material costs and make decisions based on that. Vinyl siding tends to be a more economical choice, whereas wood and fibre cement is more costly. Whatever budget that's best for you will be the ultimate deciding factor on which siding you choose. 

Current Aesthetic of Your Home

The existing architecture of your home is something else to consider. If you want your home to have a more modern and sleek feel, you may prefer the look of metal siding instead of wood. Vice versa, if you have a craftsman looking home, your thought process will be different. 

It also is based on your style. For instance, if you have a farmhouse-style home but don't like the aesthetic of wood, you could choose vinyl, fibre cement or metal. It's entirely up to you and how you vision your home. Create the home you love to look at when pulling into your driveway.


When you decide you want to do any renovation, you look through inspiration photos to get colour scheme ideas flowing. There are a lot of colours available, so it can be overwhelming, but you can keep it simple when looking at inspiration online. When you have chosen the colour(s), it could be a factor in what siding material you use. Specific profiles may be available in a small range of colours, whereas other profiles may be offered in all available colours. If you're set on the colour you're using that's not available in the material in your budget, try looking at the colours that are an option and match to the closest you can. 


When comparing different materials, the siding you choose should protect your home from the exterior elements. You want it to withstand the harsh weather elements, heavy winds, rain, hail, snow, and long-term sun/heat exposure. You also want a siding that won't crack and break, allowing insects and pests to enter your home in the spring/fall looking for shelter.


Some sidings require more maintenance and attention than others do. Some sidings you can clean once a year, and others you may have to have clean twice a year or have it refinished/painted now and then. Are you willing or able to maintain the upkeep of a higher maintenance siding material? 

Always consider these factors when it comes to improving your home’s exterior. Have a discussion with your contractor, as they may give you ideas on which route to go.

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