James Hardie is a leader and manufacturer of fiber cement siding, trim, backer board, and more! Hardie Board combines beautiful designs and high-performance with a plentiful selection of profiles and colours to suit any home or cottage.

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Why James Hardie Siding?



Get the right product for your region, with the Hardie Zone! HZ5 products are made to resist the wet and freezing climates. HZ10 products are made to protect the home from the heat, humidity, blistering sun, and more.

Long-Lasting Finish

ColorPlus Technology is how Hardie Board keeps its finish looking like new. First, a proprietary finish is applied;  between paint coats, the siding is "baked", and during the last step, a UV resistance is applied.

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James Hardie Siding


James Hardie siding is moisture and rot-resistant, it will not ignite with exposed to a direct flame like other exterior siding materials, and it's unsusceptible to pests. 

Weather Resistant

Hardie Board is tested in the "worst-case" weather scenarios to ensure the quality and durability factor during hurricanes, snowstorms, UV rays, and other unpredictable weather.

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