Van Mark was founded in 1964 to manufacture the best portable bending brakes for contractors by Gene Van Cleave. First, the Trim-A-Brake was manufactured and soon followed several tools and accessories, including the Trim-A-Slitter, Trim-A-Table, Coil Cradle, and more.

Van Mark bending brakes are used the residential exterior remodeling, commercial building industry, as well as the metal roofing industry and, are available in various types such as Mark I, Mark II TrimMaster, Metal Master 20, Mark IV, and more!

Why Van Mark Bending Brakes?




Van Mark provides a wide selection of brakes for any job, from residential use, contractor grade, to an industrial-grade brake, you can be sure to have the right brake to complete the job. 

Increases Job Site Efficiency

When you have a bending brake, it can drastically increase your job site efficiency over time. If you can bend your metal trims while on the job, there's no going back and forth ordering, no waiting for another business to bend them for you, and it saves you money. Van Mark accessories can also help save you time, like the Trim Cutter or the Trim-A-Slitter.


Van Mark bending brakes are easy to use and easily transportable. These brakes can fit inside any larger vehicle and can be used inside an enclosed trailer for fast and sheltered use.

Video Library

Loading Coil and Bending Coil onto a Van Mark Brake