Embossed Aluminum and Your Home

Embossed aluminum could be utilized on the exterior as well as the interior of the home to create a unique texturized design. 

The embossing features a pebble-like texture that is easy to clean and is perfect for high-traffic or hard to clean areas, such as:

  1. Front door entrances
  2. Garage door capping
  3. Interior doorways
  4. Interior/exterior window capping
  5. Column capping and wraps
  6. Around fireplaces
  7. Backsplash in the kitchen
  8. Bathroom accent wall and behind the sink

The embossing texture hides dents and imperfections that can occur over time from sports around the home, everyday activities, and just wear and tear over the years. Since it’s aluminum, it has a longer life expectancy than other materials.

Embossed Aluminum Vs. Regular Finish Aluminum

What puts the embossing above the rest?

The thickness of aluminum is .021” thick, but after it is extruded through the embossing machine, it becomes durable than before. It’s available in a variety of colours that can complement or contrast your existing interior or exterior wall colours. 

Our regular embossed trim coil can be found here.

Our roofing embossed trim coil can be found here.