Get Performance You Can Trust with Titan Housewrap

Looking for an additional layer of protection for your home? Protecting your exterior walls goes beyond the siding you choose and should start with a trusted house wrap.

Titan Protective Housewrap was designed specifically for job site performance. Your projects need a house wrap that will perform well against harsh weather elements, paired with the ease of installation and versatility.

What is Titan Protective Housewrap? Well, it's a non-woven, non-perforated, house wrap and air barrier material combined. It will protect behind numerous exterior cladding solutions for both commercial and residential construction.

Ease of Installation

You won't have to worry about rips and tears because of Titan's premium tear strength and outstanding nail tear resistance due to its excellent stretching capability.


Since it's a non-woven, non-perforated house wrap and air barrier material all in one, it is one of the top products on the market for keeping air and water away from your foundation. Titan minimizes air intrusion while maximizing the thermal efficiency of the home. Don't just take our word for it; here are some of the ratings and certifications Titan Housewrap has received:

  • Water Resistive Barrier complies with ICC Acceptance Criteria 38 (AC38)
  • Certified Air Barrier Material which exceeds ASTM #-2178 minimum requirements
  • Certified Drainage Material exceeds ASTM E-2273 performance requirements
  • Class A Flame Spread Rating: ASTM E-84

It also protects your home from potential mould and mildew problems that can occur over time in wall cavities, which means your indoor air quality is also safe from any smells or pollutants.


Titan Housewrap is built to perform, and its versatility is an added bonus as it can be installed under a large variety of exterior cladding. That includes vinyl, wood, stone veneer, brick, cement board, stucco siding, and foam. 

What else makes this product unique and so beneficial to your home? It has a 15-year limited warranty!

Want to add Titan Housewrap to your home? You can order it here or at one of our five retail locations.