The Simcoe Series: Your Best Choice

Whether you're considering a complete remodel or a simple refresher, the Simcoe Series colours are perfect for your home.

The Simcoe Series offers a variety of modern and rustic colour schemes that will elevate the exterior of any house. Whether it's an eavestrough or soffit replacement, a new roof, or new siding, the Simcoe Series provides the beautiful look of premium wood products without the high-maintenance hassles. 


These beautiful nature-inspired colours are available in BMI's popular aluminum products, which are the same high-quality products as our regular colours but with a more durable paint coating. The Simcoe Series has an 8-mil paint thickness with a Fluropon paint coating that will not rust, rot, chip, peel, flake or blister. You can't go wrong with these low-maintenance and very robust colour options with a 40-year limited warranty!

Available in our roofing, siding, eavestrough and soffit/fascia products, utilize the Simoce Series as an accent or as the star of the show. 

It’s time to elevate your home to a whole new level with the Simcoe Series’ eye-catching colours and quality products.