Why Are Soffit and Fascia So Important?

Soffit and fascia are two of the most neglected areas on the exterior of the home. Many people don’t realize that the soffit and fascia can be important ways to protect the roof.

Soffits can be installed in numerous places such as porches, underneath a deck, flights of stairs, interior ceiling, and around the home for proper ventilation. It’s available in three different panels, T3, Q4, D5 and can be vented or non-vented.

Fascia is installed underneath the roofline, either behind the eavestrough or on the gable ends. It’s fastened on the exposed end of the rafters to provide a layer of protection to the wood behind from becoming damaged. Fascia is available in three different sizes, 6”, 8”, and 10” with the face either ribbed or non-ribbed.

5 reasons why soffit and fascia are beneficial to your home:

1.    Soffit and fascia act as protection against weather elements such as wind and water from penetrating the roof system and causing damage.

 2.    Protects the rafters and helps eliminate the possibility of structural damage to the home, which could cause problems for the walls and roof.

3.    Soffit helps by correctly ventilating the attic, acting as a moisture barrier and reducing condensation which can cause the roof to rot and decay.

4.    Helps reduce heating costs.

5.    Gives a home a finishing touch, improving curb appeal.

Aluminum soffit and fascia have many benefits compared to other products and materials. Aluminum is low-maintenance and can be cleaned or repaired easily, which saves time and money. Since BMI’s soffit and fascia are manufactured from aluminum, it’s durable against the weather elements and won’t rot, decay or crack from it.


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