Why Is the Roofing Industry Leading Towards Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is on the rise. Why? It has many added benefits to your family and your home.

There are so many different roofing materials on the market that it’s hard to choose from. More and more homes in different neighbourhoods are making the change from asphalt to metal, whether it’s a new build or a renovation. Why is metal roofing becoming so popular? Find out below. 

Longtime homeowners aren’t moving

Year after year more homeowners are deciding not to sell their homes and are staying put. While they continue to live in their current home, one of the smartest investments they could make would be to purchase a metal roof. Why? They won’t have to worry about the maintenance or the cost of replacing the roof every 10-15 years.

2. Competition

With more and more roofing companies entering the roofing market, it’s continuing to create very competitive pricing for asphalt roofing installations. Due to this, roofing contractors are beginning to specialize in different styles of roofing, especially metal roofing.

3. Installation benefits

There are lots of installation benefits when it comes to metal roofing.

Metal roofing is energy efficient because metal can reflect sunlight and heat away from your roof, which can help decrease the heat that enters your home and minimizes energy costs in the summer months.

While asphalt roofing is inexpensive, it can lead to other maintenance problems for your roof in the future. In some cases, many repairs may happen to your asphalt roof over time as they may fall off in a storm or start to deteriorate and cause leaking. When a metal roof is properly installed, it can last a lifetime without needing any maintenance or repairs – resulting in more significant savings in the long run.

The style, profile, colour, and finish of metal roofing is also a large factor as to why homeowners choose metal roofing. There are many different looks to choose from to get the exterior design they’re looking for, compared to other roofing materials.

Myths to metal roofing 

Are there myths about metal roofing? Yes, but these myths have been debugged.

Metal roofing is noisy. No, it's quieter compared to other roofing materials. If the metal roof is installed correctly with sheathing underneath and the attic is correctly insulated, you will not hear noise from rain, hail, or twigs/leaves falling on top hitting the roof.

Metal roofing attracts lightning. The odds of your home becoming struck by lightning are very slim, but there are no guarantees, regardless of the material on the roof. Yes, metal does conduct electricity, but electricity is not attracted to it. If your home is struck by lightning, your roof would spread the force of electricity throughout the structure of the home and into the ground. Metal isn’t combustible, so it’s far more likely that a fire would start because of the other materials found on some homes.

Metal roofing is too heavy. Metal roofs are lighter than a standard asphalt roof by an average of 50%. If the roof doesn’t appear to be deteriorating or leaking doesn’t appear in the attic, metal roofing is so lightweight that it can be installed on top without adding too much weight to the roof deck. If the home is getting older and there is concern about the structural integrity of the roof deck, think about removing the pre-existing shingles and installing a metal roof.

There are so many added benefits to metal roofing and that’s why it’s a huge growing product within the roofing industry. While we offer a large variety of roofing products, we always recommend the Bayview Roofing Collection. See why here.

Do you have any myths about metal roofing? Ask Johnny to get clarification and more information.